Transformer Board
Densified Wood
Vulcanised Fibre

Transformer Board, Densified Wood, Vulcanised Fibre
Transformer Board, Densified Wood, Vulcanised Fibre

Made from high grade sulphate cellulose without a resin or binder. Excellent physical and electrical properties. Used mainly in oil-filled transformers where a solid insulating structure is needed.


Type 6, this unique material combines the dielectric properties and stability of thermosetting phenolic resin with the strength and toughness of wood. Manufactured from cross laminated high quality natural Beech wood cured and cooled under pressure to relieve stresses and get perfect dimensional stability and flatness. The material is suitable for use in oil up to 130°C and perfect for applications up to 400 kV transformers. Used for coil supports, clamp rings winding support flanges, supporting cleats and terminal boards etcetera.


A chemically pure, cellulose material that contains no resins or bonding agents. It has extremely high internal bond strength, will not delaminate or separate even in water. Its resistance to electric tracking is outstanding and its heat resistance is superior to unconverted cellulose electrical insulation. Because of its unusual range of properties such as strength, toughness, ease of fabrication, resistance to oils, petroleum, most solvents and its wide range of qualities and forms it is the choice for countless mechanical and electrical applications.