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Stockists and distributors of a wide range of composite materials, engineering plastics, thermal and electrical insulation materials, pultruded products and high pressure laminates.

Products for industries as diverse as electronics and electrical, aerospace, packaging, steel & railways. Special cryogenic, radiation and asbestos replacement grades can be supplied.

These laminates use reinforcements of paper, fabric, mica, kevlar, carbon fibre and glass impregnations with resin binders. Provide mechanical characteristics of high flexural and compression strengths, dimensional stability, vibration absorption, sound dampening, light weight wear resistance, excellent machining and excellent electrical and thermal insulation properties.


We are distributors of an extensive range of the finest laminates and composites from around the world. We are on hand to advise you of the very latest product developments.


In addition to stocking sheet items we have CNC facilities and the expertise in cutting and machining the sheets into finished components.


Offering a vast range of products and components from our extensive stock. We have also been involved in the manufacture of specialist rotor vanes for the air power industry for over 50 years.

An ISO 9001 : 2015 Company

DC Wort 50 year anniversary
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